Enjoy your breakfast at theato restaurant 7am - 10:30am. All breakfast items served with tea or coffee & freshly made juice

Lighter Bites

To Start With

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    In-House Bakery Selection

    pain au chocolate, danish pastry, plain croissant, wholegrain & white toast - served with home-made preserves (or your selection from any of the above)
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    Mondulkiri Avocado

    toasted wholemeal bread, dehydrated cherry tomatoes, shallots, chilli & herbs (add poached egg)
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    Natural Granola

    hand-crafted with honey, cashewnuts, fresh tropical fruits and natural yoghurt
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    Miso Soup

    silk tofu, wakame seaweed, edamame, chives
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    Somen Noodles

    ice-cold Japanese noodle, mentsuyu dipping sauce, spring onions
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    Farmer’s Salad

    today’s finest vegetables from our farmer in our signature dressing, deconstructed egg
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    Cold Cuts Platter

    free-range Khmer ham & saucisson, continental cheeses, butter, olives, pickles & french baguette


Fresh From the Farm

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    soft-poached farm eggs on toasted muffin with free-range white ham, hollandaise sauce, chives
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    soft-poached farm eggs on toasted muffin with wilted spinach, hollandaise sauce, truffled mushroom duxelle
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    soft-poached farm eggs on toasted muffin with smoked salmon, preserved lemon, hollandaise sauce, chives
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    3-egg Omelette

    choice of your fillings: free-range Khmer ham, onions,mushrooms, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, peppers or free-range bacon
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    Eggs Your Way

    2 organic hen’s eggs your way, free-range Khmer farm bacon & chipolata sausage, roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, baked beans, hash brown

Khmer Favourites

Local Flavours

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    Kuy Teav

    Mekong river lobster & rice noodles in a rich pork broth with lemongrass and shallots
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    Bor Bor

    rice porridge with slow roasted chicken fillet, spring onions
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    Lort Char

    short rice noodles stir-fried with marinated wagyu brisket, spring onions, chive leaves, fried duck egg
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    roasted chicken thigh in lemongrass & garlic, pickled vegetables, steamed white rice


For Afterwards

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    Ricotta Hotcakes

    home-made ricotta pancakes, mango, mint syrup
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    Banana Porridge

    toasted oats, caramelised banana & natural yoghurt
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    Vanilla french toast

    seasonal berries, vanilla gelato
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    Seasonal Fruit Platter

    selection of what’s best today

All Day Dining


To Start With

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    Grilled Baby Okra & Cardamom

    cauliflower gratin, bisque emulsion
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    Pomelo & Crispy Pork Belly

    sawtooth coriander, chilli, palm sugar
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    Water Buffalo Skewers

    home-cured kimchi
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    Bar fish Brandade on Toast

    Sourdough bread, garlic chives, kaffir lime
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    Roasted Pepper & Squid Fricassée

    kampot red pepper & roast capsicum piperade
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    Mekong Riverside Broth

    Mekong river prawns, jicama, cherry tomato
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    Tuna Tartarte

    mondulkiri avocado, shallots, chilli, rice crust



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    Pan seared fresh tuna nicoise

    French bean, three color of capsicum, hard boiled egg, anchovies, black olives and French dressing
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    Prawn & Lemongrass Salad

    tomatoes, chilli, jungle honey & palm vinegar dressing
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    Banana Blossom Salad (Optional With Chicken)

    bamboo shoots, beansprouts, local herbs
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    Fish Lab

    sea bream fillet gently poached in vanilla butter, raw salad
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    Green Tomato, Feta and Watermelon

    rocket leaf, compressed watermelon, black olive tapenade


Season’s Highlights

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    Nasi goreng

    Indonesian fried rice with chicken satay, fried egg and prawn crackers
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    Pad thai goong

    Wok fried flat noodle with prawn, bean sprout, wrapped in egg omelet
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    Beef lok lak

    Fried beef tenderloin with oyster sauce, Kampot black pepper and fried egg
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    Poached Snapper Fillet

    fricassé of baby squid, water spinach, pickled tomato pureé
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    Pan-Fried Buffalo

    fillet of water buffalo, sweet potato, taro & pork gratin, rice paddy herb broth
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    Flavours Of Amok Trey

    Mekong river lobster, grouper fillet, amok sauce
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    Free-Range Chicken Fillet

    cashewnut & tamarind stir-fry, organic white rice
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    Wagyu Short-rib Saraman

    Khmer's take on massaman curry with organic rice
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    Salt & Chilli Duck

    free-range duck breast, slow cooked and roasted with chilli and salt


Farm to fork

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    Lamb chop

    Baby okra French beans, mashed potatoes, red wine sauce
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    Free-Range Khmer Pork Chop

    prawn stir-fry, dark soy, tamarind & coriander
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    Grass Fed, Dry Aged Rib-Eye of Beef (280gr)

    cassava gaufrette chips, shallot & parmesan salad, own jus
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    Australian Wagyu Striploin (mb 7/8) (170gr)

    pomme mousseline, shallot & parmesan salad, own jus
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    Whole Rack Of Ribs (to share)

    basted in red khroeng spice, finished on coconut grill


To Follow

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    Apple And Vanilla Panna cotta

    longan, dragon fruit and compressed watermelon
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    Dark Chocolate Mousse

    grilled pineapple, orange, pineapple espuma
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    Banana Terrine

    grilled banana, banana ice cream
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    Seasonal Tropical Fruits

    platter of season’s finest fruit
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    Selection Of Artisan Ice cream & Sorbet (per scoop)

    ice cream: yoghurt, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla sorbet: mangosteen, lime, dragonfruit
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    Continental Cheese Platter

    toasted bread, walnuts, apricots & home-made seasonal fruit preserves



Poolside Bites

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    Fifty- fifty Burger

    wagyu beef & slow braised pork belly burger with radicchio slaw, chips
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    TFC Burger

    "theato fried chicken" in Khmer spice crumb, preserved lemon mayo
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    Snapper n’ Chips

    yeast & beer batter, sauce remoulade
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    Pizza Margherita 8″ / 12″

    sauce napolitana & mozzarella
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    Pizza Bianco 8″ / 12″

    bechamel, baby spinach, parmesan & cumin
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    Sticky Ribs

    raw papaya, coriander & bamboo shoots
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    Salt-Baked River Prawns

    kampot pepper & sour fish dip
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    Organic Vegetable Spring Rolls

    sweet & sour dip
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    TFC Bites

    “theato fried chicken” in khmer spice crumb, preserved lemon mayo
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    Crunchy Potato Skins

    rosemary & roast garlic emulsion
  • Meze | Sharing
    All Served with Sourdough Flatbread

    Dips: charred eggplant & garlic, roasted bull’s horn pepper, spicy tomato & holy basil, homemade labneh & khroeng, grilled fish & prahok
    each $2.5
    set of all 5 dips $10

Special Menu


  • BBQ
  • Candle light/Tasting
  • Theato Table

All prices are indicated in US$ and subject to 10% Service charge and 10% Government Tax